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July 10, 2016

Episode 7 Bev Shalts, Tentacle Studio

For 25 years, we have specialized in the creative manufacturing of unique costumes, props, masks and sculpture. We solve creative problems with intelligent, custom-made solutions for top-line companies, performers, events and museums worldwide.

Clients include Lady Gaga, The BBC, Delta Airlines and The city of Sydney, Australia.

Diverse clients also include: Harrods, as well as museums, theatres, opera and ballet companies, professional performers and amateur party beasts worldwide! Our work has also featured in TV adverts for Sony, Lipton’s Iced Tea, Motorola and Peugeot.

When you need something custom-made, ask us for a free quote and advice.

I’ve been working professionally with Mike Petty (sculptor), for many years now – we started the company Tentacle Studio 25 years ago. We make animal masks, sculpture, costumes, rubber clothing, wings and all sorts of glorious weirdness!

We started off making only custom-made stuff for theatres. But over the years we’ve evolved many times- producing a range of colorful rubber clothing that sold in shops worldwide, and just recently opening shops on Etsy and Amazon with ranges of our own unique designs- the most popular are our animal masks. We still do a lot of custom work on commission – often for TV adverts and music videos.

I trained as a classical tailor – men’s suits, women’s corset, very traditional. But I have always preferred hi-tech materials in fresh, exciting colors; creating new textures that transform the wearer. It took me a while to un-learn some of the rigid rules inherent in such a strict discipline as traditional tailoring! But finding our own methods, and working with unexpected materials has been essential to being happy in what we do, it’s kept us flexible, and enabled us to come up with fresh ideas.

Although both born and bred in England, we’re now based in The Netherlands, and our studio is nestled just outside Amsterdam in the heart of the tulip growing area. You’ll find us there most days, buzzing around, making and designing new items for our online shop and taking photos.

The relaxed atmosphere in Holland is great – although we don’t actually do much relaxing – we’re usually to be found in a frenzy of creative stress, building various custom orders to tight deadlines! We love it that people have fun, and get transformed by our creations.


Phone number: +31 646480125




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