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August 18, 2016

Episode 10 Monique Impagliazzo

Monique Impagliazzo, writer, producer director with 10 years experience as Associate Producer is now working on her own short, Turkey’s Done starring Cheri Oteri!

Monique was born and raised in South Philadelphia, PA. She graduated from Temple University with a BA in Film and Media
Arts. Fresh out of college, she went on to intern at the Mary Anne Claro Talent Agency, where she soon became Mary Anne’s right
hand. Monique then booked a spot representing Toyota on the International Auto Show Circuit as a Lead Product Presenter and
specialist. From that, Monique booked a guest host spot on QVC representing the Weatherproof brand. Mary Anne Claro then referred
Monique to Producer, Diane Kirman and Executive Producer James Brolin. Kirman and Brolin were in the midst of producing the
children’s feature film musical, Standing Ovation and brought Monique onto the production as an Associate Producer.
After the film wrapped, Brolin told Monique that his wife, Barbra Streisand, was looking for an Executive Assistant at her film
company, Barwood Films. Since being hired, Monique has assisted Ms. Streisand during the filming of The Guilt Trip (Paramount
Pictures), and the production of Streisand’s CDs, What Matter’s Most, Release Me and Partners. Monique was Ms. Streisand’s Executive
Assistant on her 2012 US and Canadian Tour: Back to Brooklyn and The 2013 European Tour.
Monique caught the eye of Producer Wendy Cox of History Making Productions. Wendy hired Monique as a Production Manager for the
Documentary Series, Philadelphia: The Great Experiment. Soon after, she was hired as the Production Coordinator on Cheri Oteri’s
Pilot Presentation, The HOA. Presently Monique is preparing to direct and produce Turkey’s Done,
a comedic short film that she wrote along with Jennifer and Krystal

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